6 07 2017

I find this week is a little bit surprising. I have always been grateful for what God has given me in my life. I do not know how to pay God back, because I owe a lot. perhaps, by sending kindness to others? I hope so.

anyway, during the fasting month, I decided to do fasting six days of shawwal. I would start on Thursday and end on Tuesday. it should be no problem before I looked on my P-Tracker that said my period would likely due in the week I would do the fasting. so, I just started the fasting and talked to God, just please do not give me period before I finish the fasting and also please give me such an ease for my visa interview on wednesday.

thank God, I did not have my period until the end of shawwal fasting and I successfully obtained visa. in addition, during my visa interview, the consular was curious about my study proposal and we discussed about the issue, haha. because my program is sponsored by their government, I was put in special queue which meant it was only queue with other participants. my friends took only 1-2 minutes to have questioned about the program and random stuffs. I got blank when hearing such questions. so, when she started to ask me where my school was, I answered and distracted her with my study proposal. haha. she was really curious about the condition of women in villages, so yup, she kept asking me about the issue for almost 5 minutes. it was like having another scholarship interview, haha. but, all in all, I finally made it. I have 2 weeks left before experience the first time of living abroad. I can not hardly wait to be a student again!

God is good. always.




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